Kingston University MA Creative Economy Lean Startup Design Challenge session in two days

It was such a great experience of corporating with my team members in two days , according to Henry Ford, he states an outstanding quotes in terms of teamwork: ” Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.” , but how to work together effectively, that is the essential issue to deal with.  Speaking to the content of the course, it really gave me so many inspirations. Although the brainstorming and  breath-taking sessions made this course even  more intense,I still attain loads of knowledges and feedback from it, the following parts will share about the actual experience from these wonderful days.

It was all begun in a lovely weekend, on Friday, the tutor  Eewei Chen lead us to learn about the lean startup, which is the curcial approach for a company to launch a new commodity, it includes validated learning, scientific experimentation, and iterative product releases to shorten product development cycles, measure progress, and gain valuable customer feedback. At this stage, we kept on developing our products, and the main idea for this session is to create a movie app that suits for our representive target group person: Jeff, who is a busy man, don’t want to waste too much time on browsing on the internet to watch movies. we was trying to built up his personalities first, and making assumptions for the target  person. Eventually in the end of the lunch, we finished the rough ideas and got off the building to ask somebody’s opinion about what people really need it from the movie apps, and surprisingly, the user-center perspectives gave us more interesting ideas and support from this interview from the street(campus).  As for the “Lightweight Personas” part, we stated  the essential personalities of Jeff, including analyst the behavior, demographic, needs and goals. This part made me realise how important is behind the motivation of consumers.  Without understanding of your target group or person, the product could not launch effectively. On the other hand, the needs and goals help me clearify and justify the products without losing the originality.


On the last day of the startup experience, we not only built the Paper Prototype of the app but also add a business model. That business model let me think various ways of producing and marketing this product, for example, how to make money from this app, and how to collaborate with other industries or companies to create more profits. And at the end of the lunch, we went out from the classroom to test our paper prototype in order to justify our app. When we begun to ask people question and lead them to control the paper,we found out there were some important tricks we should bear in mind.   This kind of maketing and research strategy was not like the normal census in the street, instead, it showed more anticipations of what people really need in every detail. Moreover, the art of asking people in the campus to manipulate effectively is the significant element. From this part I’ve learned about the skills of guiding. The key approach is that do not lead the people by telling them what to do, press this or watch that, a suitable way to test your product is let the user click it or point it by themselves, otherwise the weakness or the improvement of the apps will  not be shown up or not being noticed by the user in the future.

In the end of presentation part, we have seen different group works and launch various products, and all of our classmates did a great job in this kick-off, and inspire me a lot from the presentation. but according to this two day tasks, I ‘ve noticed that the creative thinking is the key to make success, not just provide the fundamental needs for the customers. Customers are more likely to discover a brand new experience that they never use before. And thats why we designed the two interesting  apps “M-Planner”, which could manage and set up your own movies according to your schedules, and “Movie-Bingo” , a decent bingo games that related to the movies quiz to make customers feel like movie knowledges are everywhere, as long as you get involved into the details of the plot. In my point of view, I personally hope that we could have more activities to do this kind of exercise, and stimulate our ideas and creative thinkings from it.


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