Design thinking in a quite intensive circumstances….


As a English science fiction arthor Brain Aldiss made a statement of creativity , he emphasized : “Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.

Indeed, the whole process of design thinking is fundamentally a problem-solving journey. However, it is undoubtedly that the team members in every group will feel agony in terms of thinking fancy ideas to improve the product.

The aggressive sessions of another design thinking is in the afternoon of Friday, October 5th, and in this short and 2 hours class period, the tutor designated us to form a new group in order to create an “New Shoes”, which you never seen it before in the current shoes  industries. Basically, in the half of the course times, we began to run along with times, chase different ideas from interviewing at various students who stayed in the campus , and finding effective resources and evidences.

To be candid, the group works are consists of various decisions, for instance: it requires problem solving, firmness decision making, and effective communication , and in the end, we had invented a unique shoes that not only suitable for customers but also created a brand new experience for shoe users.

On the other hand, it seemed to be obvious that every group presented their shoes were all focus on the functional usage. For example, a outdoor-indoor combinations or GPS system. What i noticed was, in order to create a new shoes, one should expand his imaginations, and ask customers more open questions, for example: what is your dream shoes when you were a child?  In my opinion, this kind of question will inspire the designer to explore and challenge the shoes industries.

And the following link is the short clip of our interview in campus:

Design Shoes


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