The Reflections of Frieze Art fair in London


(This quote probably emphasizes the essential meaning of cultivating art masterpieces.)


Before enrolling to Kingston University, I was not a lunatic in terms of museum and galleries, nevertheless, due to the fact that there are several opportunities to visit those fairs in my school terms, I am so glad to spend my time to realize the aesthetic art works from all over the world. As the notable writer of drama play, George Bernard Shaw, he states out the ambitions of artist:”“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” It is applicable in the creative thinking field as well, of course, it could be suitable in business, but to be honest, the risky situations may occur when you make  too many mistakes. Anyway, the point is whenever artists spend their time making their crafting, they always try hundreds of possibilites to achieve their ultimate goals. This is why we need to visit it to conceive the original art concepts from the exhibition.


In the beginning of the entrance, there is a coffe shop for people who want to grab a coffe to have a inspirations, and the structures were made by wood and plastic  transparent windows. The exquisite snacks and breads are made by artists as well, which could provider the pedestrians and visitors to let off steam and enjoy the natural sunlight from the outside, it was bright and tidy. However, if people don’t spend some times observing the whole environment, and forget to look around , they might miss the chance to chill for a tiny little wonderful period. From my point of view, the only solution is not building a direction board, instead, they could offer more tables and chairs besides the cafe’, which are well-designed and unique in order to attract visitor’s curiosity and satisfy their needs.

The Frieze Art Fair consisted of 179 countries of artists in a whole colossal exhibition space, since this year(2012) is the tenth edition, they not only offered the world’s finest galleries but offered another outdoor exhibition garden, which was next to the main exhibition building. To be candid, I bet there were large amounts of tourists and vistors, neither do they recognize the artists, nor understand what the artists want to described. Most people might consider the fair as a major event because of the advertisement board in the tube station, moreover, they were craving those art works, craving to get them for free. That could be possibly  the main reason why they want to take pictures and upload to their social media sites or blog. This phenomenon of fulfill their vanity attracts them to pay the money for entrance fees.  But,  on the other hand, the aim of the fair is inspire citizen’s sense of beauty , and develop their aesthetic aspects. As a matter of fact, the Frieze made it eventually.  According to the Frieze website, they pointed out  over  60,000 visitors from all over the world to join this fair every year, therefore, the Frieze  creates a unforgettable historical status  in terms of art galleries.

while we were walking to the entrance, there were staffs to tell us to put our bag and belongings to the cloakroom, which was a really sweet and caring idea. However, after finishing browsing from inside the exhibition space to outside exit, the queue became chaotic and long. What I suggested is providing efficient amounts of securities to maintain the operations.  And due to this, the queue will be more tidy.

when walking Inside of the fair, you would see the direction narrows situated in the obviously space. And it provided several of chairs and benches to let visitors to rest. Therefore, people would spend more times staying in the fair watching works,or  buying  coffees in the Cafe’.

Another drawback of this exhibition was, in the moment that closing to to the end of they closed, the garden, which located outside the exhibition, was totally blurred and black, the staff should aware this situation  beforehand, otherwise it would effect the enjoyment of watching art works. In Overall , although this art fair attracted  large numbers of people to come to visit and buy  some creative products to stimulate the buying, it would still need some improvement to retain the visitors’ feelings, therefore, the fair would not only retain the reputation of art showcasing, but reflect the visitor’s feelings effectively.


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