Challenge Accepted: Young Enterprise competition

As an extraordinary pioneer, Tim Brown , he points out the brief definition of Design Thinking, and states about what we knows about “Design Thinking” , is a fundamental rules that utilize the designer’s ability to feel and techniques in order to satisfy people desire,  and this accesible method in the business market could not only alter the user’s value but also create an new market of opportunity. 

With this strong argument of  Timothy, the real product is not just to satisfy customer’s needs, instead, the designers should not neglect the user’s feeling and only design the merchandise that they want, that is the process we’re gonna to deal with during this following months.

At first me and the whole crew “Easthetics” , we had our first meeting in our lovely classmate “Shruti”‘s house , just like other groups, we keep thinking about the products, and then started to have brainstorming process, after everybody presented their ideas, all we thought about was the same agreement : “There are loads of possibilities, it seems like we can design everything we want to be” . To be candid, the reason that we have to start to interview people in the street and draw a persona of our product is, in a sense, the product would be a suitable and viable project, and on the other hand, the product would be a unique and specific.

As we all know that ,Personas are “hypothetical archetypes” of real users, which means persona should be our target group, and that is  the reason we should set up for it, and follow the “Hear- Create-Deliver Model” to finish the design process. Due to this, thats why we put too much effort on the solution and prototyping plans, which belongs to the final “Deliver ” stage. Afterwards, we changed our strategy to make a market research first, but it’s not just tell the people of what we want to design, instead, we rather ask the consumers, or the potential users, what you really need to have , or what kind of problems they ‘ve faced with in their daily life, I think the strategy will benefit us to develop the products effectively.


2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Young Enterprise competition

  1. So how did that work out? And how did you go about aksing the people what they need?

    Since you basically want to create a blue ocean product/service, can you really trust the consumer to know what they want before it exists? I’m looking forward to your next post/reply, as to how it went 🙂

    • well, we still in the process of making questionnaire, so far the content needed so much revised, and we already asked about 5 people for each member in our group. The essential point we will ask them is the things(products) that you really want and on the other hand, we ask them the problem when they use their own products, and then base on the persona , we need to combine those characteristics and their preferences and so on, hopefully everything will go well next time when we finished our revised version 😉

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