A chill out discussion from Design Thinking to my country future vision

The traier above is the documentary of design thinking, the movie reveal the mystery of design thinking and provider loads of experts to explan the fundamental concepts of it. Since people have talked about design thinking could be a essential weapon in these decades, all the related books continously drop out of the markets, and the amounts of releases are drmatically huge! Yet, what is the main prupose of design think and what kind of impact could the design thinking bring to us?

Lyrically, the term” Desgin thinking” could not be explained 100% correctly , just like the word ” Design”,by the way, most people would consider about design as the same meaning as these terms such as “Styling” or “Aesthetics”, which is absolutely a  misunderstanding and not be specific.

In recently years, most designers would  not spend their whole life times in modifying shapes, instead, they explore the possibilities of the new products  while they create their prototypes in the preliminary period.

Let me put it in this way, if the traditional mobile phones design companies stick to the same routines and rules of creating smaller buttons and  changing to smaller shapes , there wouldn’t be a groundbreaking smart phone comes up which could touch the screen instead of pressing buttons.

 Many people believed that the idea could be easily imitated, or maybe you or me have already thought about it, however, whoever think about the solutions in a creative ways, all of them are the followers of  design thinking.

As i read about the deisgn of business by Martin Roger, the meaning of design thinking and how it trigger people’s motivations could be my one of my favorite questions. As a result, I borrowed the book which is written by Tim Brown-“Changed by Design Thinking”.  From Tim Brown’s perspectives, design thinking is a process of exploring ideas. The book also mentions about “3I”,which stands for “Inspiration”,”ideation”,”implementation”, this whole three process could be a endless circle. As the beginning of testing prototypes, the testers or the interviewers could give effective inspiration for the designers, and open another alternative approches to the new products, therefore, the products will become more perfect and sophisticated.

The reason that I stated the importance of design thinking is, because mostly in Taiwan, the designers are allocated in the positions of modifying shapes, and they negelct the importance of design thinking as well. In a sense, the concept of design thinking should be considered in the first priority. In Taiwan, most designers dedicated themselves in the production of altering the appearance of products, for instance, making materials of laptop or personal computer, If designers create those eletric products in a creative ways, the designers could simply invent  more valuable, and unique products in the future.


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