The future of the Analog will be dead?

Most people treat  vinyl records as a old fashioned and outdated products, and have clumsy troubles when carrying them or storing in the house. However,  unlike CDs and mp3 files, Vinyl records provider the warmer sound than those digital formats, but it’s not only the reason that trigger vinyl maniacs to purchase them, moreover, it seems to be a bright future for this vintage trend will be return back again…..

And also according to the statistics which showed in Digital Music News by Nielsen Soundscan,   the amount of sales in vinyl LPs has increased dramatically, and totally the record sold in 2012 with 4.6 million units, in compare to 2011 with 3.9 million units in uk, it grows around 17.7%, but the thing is, will the vinyl phenomenon last long no matter what? or This is only just a numbers that fluctuated in recent years? well, this documentary which was directed by Josh Ralph in 2007 explained the most beautiful advantages of the vinyl records.

“In terms of the vinyl covers, the bigger cover and stylish design would be the catching reasons for buying vinyl records”  ,says the customers, who is a regular buyers of the local record shops, and also the sleeves and the inside goodies from the vinyl records provide different visual impact and enjoyment, some of the sleeves even have limited edition, which were collaborated by contemporary  well- known painters or graphic designers, in addition, the cover are bigger than CDs, in a way, this characteristics give vinyl records sort of as artworks.

It is no deny that record shops could also have another motivations for people who desire vinyl records, when people go to this particular record shops for purchasing vinyls, the atmosphere provides a joyful and chill environment for relaxation of listening music, not only do they sell cultural creative products but also behaves as a lifestyle, therefore, the physical connections, not to mention about the communications between the clerks and the customers, lets say, it is the authentic contact and exchange the passion of music knowledge.


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