A Creative Approach for Leadership-Changing Behavior!

imagesNowadays it is a generation of mobile life, a term “Mobile First” could be applied into loads of well-know companies, but in terms of the leadership, it is essential and difficult for a firm to create certain new strategies for inventing groundbreaking ideas, or lets say, another different perspectives of concept. Here is the another famous example, well, maybe you already knew that, it is my pleasure to introduce how the social media veteran “Facebook” do in terms of the leadership. What did the manager do ? well, he just simply cut off the connection of his own companies website, yes, its F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K.com.

It could be a very creative thinking of  the product manager, Josh Williams, who is the CEO of former LBS service called “Gowalla” has this fabulous idea, if the employees want to log in to the FB, the only way they could do is just using their own smart phone (iphone, HTC, SAMSUNG,etc) and force themselves to have interaction with their friends. In the beginning, they might think of there is no difference in compare with the laptop or personal PCs, as time goes by, the employees would notice some certain bugs and inconvenience,  and as a result, those drawbacks will become the basic corrections and improvement of their improving lists.

According to the report by Fast Company, Josh Williams described how they realize some ineffective settings and  inconvenience of using cell phone devices for using FB mobile page:

“Closing the internal website from our office could let us discover the unusual drawbacks and the details which  we ‘re not aware of” .However, it is a good example of creative decision of a leadership .

Base of the statistics, in the last season the mobile users on FB were up to 6.8 billion per month , it raised  about 57%, moreover, surprisingly, the amounts of daily users  surpass the monthly ushers.



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