we are really delightful for our achievements of  managing and cultivating our products and brands- so called EASTHETIC DESIGN! and this week we’re so honorable to have a small scale of discussion of Lord Young, who is an advisor to David Cameron , and we also talked and chatted about our experiences about entrepreneurship and start-ups in the UK environment, of course we have done a short pitch for him, and sent our respectively products: Pozzy (Premium fabric) to him as well.

It has emerged that our products are getting much more attention from different perspectives, first of all, in the end of March, we went to Kingston Trade Fair and exposed our products to the local in Kingston, UK, it really draged a lot of attention, but honestly, we would very love to sell our ideas and products to the following channels in the future; Florists, Flower Market( of course, Columbia Market, the place that we took our first promotional video), and our ultimate goal is to display our products in the bigger chain stores or gift shops.Image


Based on those experience and the entire process that I involved in, I gradually realize the courses that we already have in this half of the year(well, almost 1 year for me), is the fundamental knowledge base to be a real entrepreneurship in the future, including the startup business strategies, how to give a pitch to different types of people, the business plan, financial improvement and marketing, etc… It is the basic and well-structured concept for people who want  to start a new business. And it will help us to construct our brands and our project effectively, moreover, these experience were our amazing CVs and experiences when we graduated from Kingston University, but we have to keep fighting and will find our way out to expand our ideas for  introducing our Pozzy flower carrier!



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