The creative Management style of IDEO


The consulting company  “IDEO” from California of United state, has created tons of masterpieces , and they all contribute to the whole entire Creative History. The significant products is designed for Tooth paste, which is called

“Crest Neat Squeeze Tube”



It is far from imagination and beyond control, which is the topic for how to generate the creativity, however, it could be more tougher to manage the creativity I would say, but why could IDEO done so brilliant?

Workforce magazine interviewed the founder’s brother, who is the Managing Superviser of IDEO, Tom Kelley, and discussed about the reflection of the managing in creative people within IDEO.

Linus Pauling(has won Nobel Chemical Prize) used to say: ” The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas”. and also if you need to find talent and gifted people, it is the right way to go .

For a company like IDEO, Kelley also pointed out  it never has a problem of attracting creative people, the reason behind the scene was because the Inc. magazine has voted IDEO to be the one of the best middle-sized business’s  companies. He personally think the company need to manage and develop the relationships between the community and the branding itself.

Moreover, the characteristics of IDEO  in hoping the employees to work for IDEO in the two followings :

1. A place where work for those people that as a “Friend”  with each other.

2.There is no such titile of “Boss’s boss” or “your boss”.

It could be shown and considered as a evidence that when IDEO declared a convention in Headquarters, those employess are lived with their “friends”, obviosuly, their colleague.

All of the benefits for managing a creative environments are stated as follows:

1. Employees could learn more from the colleagues.

2.In terms of sharing, they sharing each other’s opinions and exchange their wisdom and transform to their own intelligence.

3. The  supervisors will understand more about the employees.


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