The survival elements of music industry in Taiwan


The picture above is the percentage of how many albums sold in Mainland China.

It goes without saying that the Mainland China has become the most competitive field for the Taiwanese singers, as well as  its  outstanding opportunities for expanding their business region.

Meanwhile,the government in Taiwan has considered to boost the Taiwanese music and promote it to other countries in order to raise the exposure. Therefore the government  decided to invest capitals in the music creativity, and the China market will also bring about 1 Billion pounds output for only one year revenues.

Fortunately, the copyright laws seems to support the whole music environment as well, couple of years ago,  under the old copyright law, an offender would have to be considered as a copyright infringement only when they have five optical discs or TWD30.000 (600pounds) worth of capacities that has fully filled with unauthorized musical files. The minimum value has now been declared in no boundaries. if any file in the hardrive or CD of the offenders, they would have to face the problem of going to jail.

Although this could be considered  as a giant step for a musical industry in Taiwan, most local people still look forward to have access to download music for free, the education of piracy should be a vital approach for Taiwan’s government if they hope to receive more profit from it.



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