Music as a branding strategy


It could be said that every human kinds are obsessed with various types of music, so to speak. However, it seems like no one would treat advertising as the same position as music. Due to the fact that the customers are changed rapidly, some of the well-known companies have been toward to the music and artists to attract the fans and collaborated together, it has emerged that in using music in the advertisement, the music and the artists trigger our emotions and feelings, and connect with different man kind then begin with communications and have a topic. If it is wisely used, it could turn a not loyalty customer into a frequent buyer, or even faithful to the brand for good.

Sounds Like Branding,  written by  Jakob Lusensky, is an fascinating book for describing the process of history in music and marketing field, from the humble jingle and the advent of Muzak to Michael Jackson’s pioneering  collaboration   with the brand Pepsi in the early 80’s , and also analyst those current famous brands  such as Nike, Starbucks, Levi’s and Coca-cola.

The reason marketers would have a responsibility to realize is the music has been no more a background sound, music could be a very big secret weapon for “playing” a brand’s characteristics.

These strategies would offer a different thinking of promoting brands in the big screen TV, playing some background music for adornment. In this competitive world, the music, or the sound, play an vital role for a advertisement or a brand to demonstrate itself, and if applied it correctly, the value and the loyalty would increase in a certain level.

Here is the successful application of music and branding : Michael Jackson and the Pepsi- Pepsi Generation


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