The Coolest way of promoting music for pop singers – Mixtape


 Mixtape Trend

In this rapidly changes world of music industry, artists have different ways of promoting themselves. As for recently artists, well, lets say it has been generally utilized by some hip-hop musicians from back then, they offer a mixtape of their works in order to testify the marketplace. The originality of mixtape is established from DJ mixing techniques. It was an old-school methods that enable DJs to promote their mixing or their beats into the market, even if the quality is raw and unfinished. Although the process of making mixtapes are easy to access and could be done in the somebody’s bedroom, this methods then widely be used by large amounts of DJs and producers in the music industries. The notable example is the Hip-Hop music, which were emerging from 1970’s on the street of New York City. Whilst Africa Bambaata (most known for his singe hit” Planet Rock”) or the Kool Herc( Godfather of Hip-Hop) performed on the stage, some of the fans recorded their songs and live performance and sell it into the streets (also called bootlegs) . And some of the DJs took the vital part and rearrange it in order to produce their new mixtape, this could also treated as a mixtape as well. In current music industry, there are dozen of musicians and artists who desire to test their market would distribute the mixtape first, and issue the final EP or LP afterwards. and it could also decrease the risky of lower sales. For example, Rasheeda released her “Boss Bitch Music” or Kreayshawn’s Kitty x Choppas Mixtape


In terms of mixtapes, because of the benefits of the mixtape is most of them are usually free for downloading on the Internet, this would let the new generations, who so called digital natives, could download immediately from their fan page ,as well as social media websites, such asTwitter. The reason for audiences and fans could download is because the artists could observe the level of popularity of the mixtape, and then decide to release their albums or EPs. Moreover, another advantages would be very obvious: Increasing word of mouth. Due to the fact that there are bunches of musicians who were famous from the Internet( Youtube, Facebook…..etc) , it goes without saying that they could obtain more attentions from this approach.

Another pros of releasing mixtape is using collaborations with some other DJs and musicians to raise the reputation, this could be considered a co-sourcing, a business term which implies collaborations between various of companies. In terms of music industry, co-sourcing could be treated as gathering different works from different musicians and DJs. And it could not only boost the output value of the existed musicians but also introduced the new comers from this music industry.

The mixtape  “Kitty x Choppas ” (picture above)makes Kreayshawn release her Hit Single : Gucci Gucci, which  generated nearly three million views on YouTube in the first three weeks


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