As a newcomer producer of music industry, how to promote your music?


This is DJ Harry Love, a British DJ who collaborated with IKEA

If you take a recently marketing strategy of IKEA, they try to link with the local cultures and obviously they have made a big success of it. DJ Harry Love, a british DJ that has produced dozen of music with so many talented rapper and singers. With the outstanding arrangement of helping him to fix the problem of excessive vinyls, he therefore become more famous than ever.

As a producer, or a musician, he or she may comprehend to distribute their musical works to the end user, so to speak. Generally, there are plenty of ways of promoting your tracks to the crowd, including online and offline types. The founder of Gigturn( a website that offer DJs associated with fans and events), whose name is Mohamed Kamal, is an ex SiriusXM DJ, and a Producer-turned-entrepreneur from Washington DC suggests his own theory and the experience:

” Well I have made plenty of mistakes from marketing textbooks when I was promoting my all music,and thats why I perceive myself is much more effective at this moment. ” we all need to learn the experience from doing it, by trial-and-error.” And here’s some basic tricks and mistakes which this CEO (of Gigturn) has learned :

1. Don’t Promote a Bad Track

It could be said and done that once the bad track has been released, and it’s not coming back, the reputation will keep on chasing you. So Kamal’s suggestion is a musician should have a pocket list, whom are  around 30 producers and respected in the house community, and if 60% of them enjoy the track, it could be possible to release the track. And you don’t have enough of community of pocket list, it is possible to utilize some sort of music feedback service website, such as Soundout to receive the feedback in a short period.

2. Market to your own audience

Choosing any platform wisely and Finding a suitable specific forum to insert your tracks inside is the essential strategic for promoting your track correctly, and you have to identify certain audiences from certain area, even in certain region from all over the world. Some of the website (Youtube, Soundcloud) have a function for tracking what kind of audience clicked your tracks and where do they come from. It is strongly prohibited that posting your tracks into a wrong genre. For example, Sending your hip-hop track into a techno forum.


3. Don’t Believe the Hype

There are thousands of artists and musicians who are promoting themselves in the so called Top10 or Top 100 lists in every well known musical website, it is unnecessary to compare wit them in the beginning, those popcorn musicians or producers would move fleet, goes up and down frequently.

4. Your Competitors Feel the Same

A useful methods for identify the weakness could be utilized by SWOT analyst.  By doing so, a musicians could also realize the strength of the competitors. However, the competitors are not the No.1 producers in the marketplace, they still have limited equipment and fan base as you. Therefore, the effective way to increase your experience is knowing the veteran from the game, who are the producers that started 10 years ago. You could get significant feedback if they could see your potential.

5. Build Relationships

Many new coming musicians think about work with the well-known producers or musicians without getting any effort on it. The opportunity is not so easy to gain in the beginning. As a new comer, you should do any favor of the musicians and support their works , buy their CDs or mp3s, more importantly, walk into his or her real life if you have the chance. And this is not a interrupting strategy, conversely, it could build a good interactions between you and the famous musicians. In addition, building a fan base is essential as well, but do not rush to expand the quantities, it all takes time to establish it .

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