we are really delightful for our achievements of  managing and cultivating our products and brands- so called EASTHETIC DESIGN! and this week we’re so honorable to have a small scale of discussion of Lord Young, who is an advisor to David Cameron , and we also talked and chatted about our experiences about entrepreneurship and start-ups in the UK environment, of course we have done a short pitch for him, and sent our respectively products: Pozzy (Premium fabric) to him as well.

It has emerged that our products are getting much more attention from different perspectives, first of all, in the end of March, we went to Kingston Trade Fair and exposed our products to the local in Kingston, UK, it really draged a lot of attention, but honestly, we would very love to sell our ideas and products to the following channels in the future; Florists, Flower Market( of course, Columbia Market, the place that we took our first promotional video), and our ultimate goal is to display our products in the bigger chain stores or gift shops.Image


Based on those experience and the entire process that I involved in, I gradually realize the courses that we already have in this half of the year(well, almost 1 year for me), is the fundamental knowledge base to be a real entrepreneurship in the future, including the startup business strategies, how to give a pitch to different types of people, the business plan, financial improvement and marketing, etc… It is the basic and well-structured concept for people who want  to start a new business. And it will help us to construct our brands and our project effectively, moreover, these experience were our amazing CVs and experiences when we graduated from Kingston University, but we have to keep fighting and will find our way out to expand our ideas for  introducing our Pozzy flower carrier!


A Creative Approach for Leadership-Changing Behavior!

imagesNowadays it is a generation of mobile life, a term “Mobile First” could be applied into loads of well-know companies, but in terms of the leadership, it is essential and difficult for a firm to create certain new strategies for inventing groundbreaking ideas, or lets say, another different perspectives of concept. Here is the another famous example, well, maybe you already knew that, it is my pleasure to introduce how the social media veteran “Facebook” do in terms of the leadership. What did the manager do ? well, he just simply cut off the connection of his own companies website, yes, its

It could be a very creative thinking of  the product manager, Josh Williams, who is the CEO of former LBS service called “Gowalla” has this fabulous idea, if the employees want to log in to the FB, the only way they could do is just using their own smart phone (iphone, HTC, SAMSUNG,etc) and force themselves to have interaction with their friends. In the beginning, they might think of there is no difference in compare with the laptop or personal PCs, as time goes by, the employees would notice some certain bugs and inconvenience,  and as a result, those drawbacks will become the basic corrections and improvement of their improving lists.

According to the report by Fast Company, Josh Williams described how they realize some ineffective settings and  inconvenience of using cell phone devices for using FB mobile page:

“Closing the internal website from our office could let us discover the unusual drawbacks and the details which  we ‘re not aware of” .However, it is a good example of creative decision of a leadership .

Base of the statistics, in the last season the mobile users on FB were up to 6.8 billion per month , it raised  about 57%, moreover, surprisingly, the amounts of daily users  surpass the monthly ushers.


The future of the Analog will be dead?

Most people treat  vinyl records as a old fashioned and outdated products, and have clumsy troubles when carrying them or storing in the house. However,  unlike CDs and mp3 files, Vinyl records provider the warmer sound than those digital formats, but it’s not only the reason that trigger vinyl maniacs to purchase them, moreover, it seems to be a bright future for this vintage trend will be return back again…..

And also according to the statistics which showed in Digital Music News by Nielsen Soundscan,   the amount of sales in vinyl LPs has increased dramatically, and totally the record sold in 2012 with 4.6 million units, in compare to 2011 with 3.9 million units in uk, it grows around 17.7%, but the thing is, will the vinyl phenomenon last long no matter what? or This is only just a numbers that fluctuated in recent years? well, this documentary which was directed by Josh Ralph in 2007 explained the most beautiful advantages of the vinyl records.

“In terms of the vinyl covers, the bigger cover and stylish design would be the catching reasons for buying vinyl records”  ,says the customers, who is a regular buyers of the local record shops, and also the sleeves and the inside goodies from the vinyl records provide different visual impact and enjoyment, some of the sleeves even have limited edition, which were collaborated by contemporary  well- known painters or graphic designers, in addition, the cover are bigger than CDs, in a way, this characteristics give vinyl records sort of as artworks.

It is no deny that record shops could also have another motivations for people who desire vinyl records, when people go to this particular record shops for purchasing vinyls, the atmosphere provides a joyful and chill environment for relaxation of listening music, not only do they sell cultural creative products but also behaves as a lifestyle, therefore, the physical connections, not to mention about the communications between the clerks and the customers, lets say, it is the authentic contact and exchange the passion of music knowledge.

What’s The Matter To Independent Record Stores in UK? The Digitalization’s Strike Back?

As a matter a fact, I’m a true vinyl records addicted lunatics, and collected wax albums since 5 years ago, the overall quantity might not as much as alleged “Vinyl Junkies”, as well as people who walk to vinyl record stores at least once a week, but I still own roughly 800 records collections back in my basement.  In my country Taiwan, it is unlikely that the physical record chain stores could survive in this digitalization era, not to mention about record shops that contains vinyl records.Unfortunately, the reason they could sell records is that they could earn efficient  profit from other merchandises, such as T-shirt, or commercial DVDs. As a consequence, they would possibly promote the vinyl records even though the sales for vinyl records are not the major benefit from it. In a sense, the record shops  provide a warm atmosphere  and a decent sense of humanity, this would be the essential characteristics for the record shops.On the other hand, the digital music emerging in these  decades, the alteration enforce traditional record shops choose their business strategies to adjust in order to accomodate the changes, while others do not eager to change, left out of the business.

The Documentary “Last Shop Standing” states that the breathtaking impact of Independent Record shops due to the adjustment of the music industry, that is to say, the digitalization not only changes  the way people purchase music products, but also alter the relationships between the record labels and the consumers. Here is the sad news, based on the documentary, there were over 8000 Independent record stores in UK in 1980’s, unfortunately,  in 2009, the number declined to 269 record shops left. Suddenly people listen their music via Iphone,or, listen to online streaming music service, and the new generation, what we called the special term: “Digital Natives” are not experienced the period of vinyl records before, even CDs. All they could attain the information from music is have a access to the internet and download it immediately, and therefore, it will appear in their hi-tech devices.

What this film argues about the advantages of the record stores is, although the digitalization change the habit of buying commodity, it coud not be denied that the humanity of independent shops still remains. Whenever the customers walk into the shops, the enthusiasm of music is massive, and as a result, it could sometimes begin various of dialog between the customers and the clerks, even the owners from the shops. But most importantly, while the main significant issue is that while the music industry keep thriving for the forthcoming artists, how could people specifically find their truly favorite albums?  There is nothing but go to the shops, and have a  chit-chat with the clerks.

But in fact, the independent records currently create their own unique business, which is different than before. Although the profit margin is quite low, those independent record shops start to sell other creative merchandises, for instance, T-shirt for the Band or musicians, musical equipments, as well as musical gears and relative toys. Moreover, the record shops begin to sell the live tickets from the pub or outdoor gigs, they even provide their local bands or musicians to performance in the shops. The digitalization is the massive attack for music industry, but for the record shops, they begin to revival their golden era in the future vision, and most importantly, they would offer a brand new experiences for either old generations or new ones.

Tom Waits:

“Folks who work here are professors. Don’t replace all the knowers with guessors keep’em open they’re the ears of the town”

Sampology-From HIPHOP Sampling Culture to Discuss Copyright

The Documentary “COPYRIGHT CRIMINALS”  is consists of  abundant interviewing scenes for copyright issues

Calling to remembrance,in the teenager period, I  grew up in a 90’s music where the HIPHOP music is  thrving  and nearly dominated in the mainstream  music industry, the astonishing performing techniques and beats spontaneously motive me to buy their CDs.  At that moment I was obessed with this kind of genre. The reason that makes me feel incredible about the music  is their melodies are sometimes  smooth, but somewhat cooperate with heavy punchy drums.  I was not doubted with this kind of creative music, personally comprehences that they composed and created the music by themselves.  But eventually I realized the music was done by some former musicians, and they just took the part of the music and chopped it up to create their own music, which is a creative way of making music in a sense, isn’t it ?   Speaking to the main topic, after viewing the documentary “Copyright Criminal” in my country(That was 1 year ago), I was still confused about the copyright law , what i mean was ,in which circumstances did the copyright protect the musicians ? what is wrong with the musicians took the fragments of other musician’s work into a brand new vibe and rhythms?

As you may know,copyright was built in 1976 by the Copyright ACT, which is a strict regulation for maintaining  creative workers’ original idea in terms of music, visual work, play, etc……. but what should we aware of this trend is, the music production, due to the revolution of digitalization, it is simple for everybody to make music without instruments, as well as neglecting the knowledge of basic learning skills(eg:tunes, rhythm). Let’s say, all of a sudden, it seems like making music are no longer required sophisticated recording equipment, or   any piano, every since you turn on the music software, and press record button, and upload the work, you could be a musician.


In spite of the Copyright ACT could be a major approach to monitor musicians who stealing the fragment or looping from somebody’s original recordings, the Electronic Dance Music still aries and dominates in the commercial market, which is the biggest genre that has sampled other musicians’ work  in the music industry. Undoubtedly, the two contradictions whether sampling is not a crime or vice versa are the endless debate, people who support taking other music parts from other musicians argue that this behavior is the creative way of making music, while others consider of this incorrect conduct of stealing their intellectual properties should be taken into lawsuit.

The fighting would never cease, however, in my opinion, what I consider is the effection part of the music , let’s take citation  for an example, we could referencing or quoting a hook or a sentence in the book, why don’t we quote or take a note or melody to show our dedication to the original music workers? plus it will not only give audiences a brand new experience in compare with original musicians work, but also may increase the sales of both of the works. For instance, Rihanna ‘s famous hit “Please Don’t Stop the Music” contains the sample from Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”. Apparently Michael is the pop music veterans, but due to the influence of “Please Don’t Stop the Music” , M.J’s single could be distributed and reissued again to create a whole new sales, this would be a new concept of sampling  music phenomenon in the future prospect.

“A good composer does not imitate, he steals”-Igor Stravinsky

RIHANA -“Please Don’t Stop the Music”

Michael Jackson-“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”

A chill out discussion from Design Thinking to my country future vision

The traier above is the documentary of design thinking, the movie reveal the mystery of design thinking and provider loads of experts to explan the fundamental concepts of it. Since people have talked about design thinking could be a essential weapon in these decades, all the related books continously drop out of the markets, and the amounts of releases are drmatically huge! Yet, what is the main prupose of design think and what kind of impact could the design thinking bring to us?

Lyrically, the term” Desgin thinking” could not be explained 100% correctly , just like the word ” Design”,by the way, most people would consider about design as the same meaning as these terms such as “Styling” or “Aesthetics”, which is absolutely a  misunderstanding and not be specific.

In recently years, most designers would  not spend their whole life times in modifying shapes, instead, they explore the possibilities of the new products  while they create their prototypes in the preliminary period.

Let me put it in this way, if the traditional mobile phones design companies stick to the same routines and rules of creating smaller buttons and  changing to smaller shapes , there wouldn’t be a groundbreaking smart phone comes up which could touch the screen instead of pressing buttons.

 Many people believed that the idea could be easily imitated, or maybe you or me have already thought about it, however, whoever think about the solutions in a creative ways, all of them are the followers of  design thinking.

As i read about the deisgn of business by Martin Roger, the meaning of design thinking and how it trigger people’s motivations could be my one of my favorite questions. As a result, I borrowed the book which is written by Tim Brown-“Changed by Design Thinking”.  From Tim Brown’s perspectives, design thinking is a process of exploring ideas. The book also mentions about “3I”,which stands for “Inspiration”,”ideation”,”implementation”, this whole three process could be a endless circle. As the beginning of testing prototypes, the testers or the interviewers could give effective inspiration for the designers, and open another alternative approches to the new products, therefore, the products will become more perfect and sophisticated.

The reason that I stated the importance of design thinking is, because mostly in Taiwan, the designers are allocated in the positions of modifying shapes, and they negelct the importance of design thinking as well. In a sense, the concept of design thinking should be considered in the first priority. In Taiwan, most designers dedicated themselves in the production of altering the appearance of products, for instance, making materials of laptop or personal computer, If designers create those eletric products in a creative ways, the designers could simply invent  more valuable, and unique products in the future.